HydraRedox Iberia participates in III Foro Solar Espanol

Energy storage a key issue in the third edition of the Spanish Solar Forum

Madrid, 29/30 November 2017

HYDRAREDOX IBERIA participated in the third edition of the Spanish Solar Forum organized by UNEF under the theme “Photovoltaic 2.0: the new opportunity of the sector”. The event was attended by the European Commissioner for Climate Change and Energy, Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete

In HydraRedox’s presentation entitled “What is the potential for cost reduction of batteries in the medium term?”, it was highlighted that any comparison and evaluation of storage technologies must include all the specific costs: manufacturing, operation and maintenance, dismantling and BOS. Likewise, it was indicated that the strong reduction in costs expected in the medium term will only be possible by further works in three key area (technology, supply and manufacturing). In addition, reduction of costs must be matched by a maximization of revenues to make storage solution i economically viable. Against this background, HydraRedox batteries are well positioned from a technical and economic perspective. https://unef.es/foro-solar-espanol/iii-foro-solar/